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Bob Fera's Jacobs Well

Recorded Music


Since 2000, Quiet Waters Inc. has been producing Contemporary Catholic Music from talented and exciting Catholic artists!

Bob Fera, a Catholic father of 15, is a powerful and passionate Catholic artist with poignant lyrics and beautiful music as on  Jacob's Well, Bob's recent cd.  Bob and his family are very active in the Quiet Waters Rosary Musicals.  Bob is featured on many of the Rosary Musical DVDs.   

Laura Boronskia Catholic wife and mother of 8, sends a powerful pro-life message with her cd, Who?  Laura also gives us a beautiful devotional with her Stations of the Cross cd.  Laura performs her music and produces Rosary Musicals and Stations of the Cross with her family in South Carolina, where she resides.  Laura is also featured on both of our Little Flowers recordings, Wreath 1 & 2 and Wreath 3


Fr. Bill Quinlivan, a parish priest from the Diocese of Buffalo, entertains us with an assortment of Irish tunes, Paintbrush on the Green, and a cd with Christmas songs, Blanket of Stars.


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