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    • Sacred Chant (SCC)
      Fantastic new Sacred Chant CD with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, more commonly known as the CFRs. Common and not so common, but all beautifully recorded chant, with a 16 page booklet with Latin text and English transliteration, makes the chant available to all listeners. This introduction to sacred chant makes this awesome traditional music accessible to all. Part of the proceeds to help the CFRs work with the poor in the US and their missions, including Honduras.
      Price: $16
    • Jacob's Well CD (BF JW CD)
      Bob Fera's new album "Jacob's Well" is a great sign of God's Mercy. This album allows the listener to hear a bit more of Bob's rock-n-roll roots, while getting a feel for his true devotion to Our Lord. Bob's own life story rolls through the lyrics, as he shares the story of God's Mercy in his own life. From "Open My Heart" to "You Took it All", you can trace God's own Love and Mercy through this album. This album should be a part of every Christians music library!
      Price: $15.00
    • Who? CD by Laura Boronski (LB Who? CD)
      Laura Boronski has put together a pro-family album full of original songs that glorify God, and nourish the souls of all who listen. Songs include: Dear Lord, Thank You, Who?, O Maria, Because I love you , A Mother Needs to Cry Sometimes, And It Was Love, Papa Be with Me, Show Me the Way, The Heavens ae Crying, Rock-a-Bye, Sweet Jesus , and Serenity.
      Price: $15
    • Stations of the Cross CD by Laura Boronski (LB Stations)
      Laura Boronski presents a beautiful 14 minute meditation on the 14 Stations of the Cross. Throughout this one beautiful song, we walk with Our Lord during His passion, and we get an opportunity to reflect on its meaning in our life today. Really beautiful! audio CD in 32 pp illustrated booklet

      SPECIAL:  1/2 off the retail price!  Only $6.00!!
      Price: $12
    • QWP Devotional Hour CD (QWP DH)
      This Hour of music and prayer was designed for the radio devotion hour on the Holy Family Communications stations. This CD contains Laura Boronski's "Stations of the Cross" and the "Divine Mercy Chaplet" as well as other meditational songs from other QWP recordings. A must have! Audio CD 58 Min.
      Price: $15
    • Divine Mercy Chaplet CD (DMChaplet CD)
      This beautiful prayer sung by Brandon Lata and Marie Batt will enhance your Divine Mercy Meditations. Track 1 has vocals, track 2 is the same but without vocals. Audio CD 40min.
      Price: $12
    • Blanket of Stars
      Father Bill Quinlivan creates a great Christmas album here at Quiet Waters.
      Price: $15
    • Paintbrush on the Green
      Father Bill Quinlivan's first album packed with Irish tunes and creative music all the family will enjoy.
      Price: $15
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