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Purchasing Rosary Musicals, Learn Spanish with Grace, or music from QW helps our ministry!

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  • Little Flowers Girls' Club
    We have deluxe lined sashes and music for the Little Flowers Girls' Club available here.
    • Little Flowers Deluxe sash (LF DS)
      This fully lined, hand made sash will be worn proudly by any Little Flower, as she strives to achieve the virtues laid out in the Little Flowers Manuals. It is a great place to display what she has accomplished! Solid blue sash lined with blue and white floral calico. Machine washable
      Price: $12
    • Wreath 1&2 Virtues and Verses CD (LF W1&2 CD)
      This CD audio recording sets all the Scripture Verses for the Little Flowers Wreaths 1 and 2 to fun tunes. This allows listeners of all ages to quickly memorize the scripture verses. Tied in with each verse, is a virtue and a saint that exemplifies each virtue. A recording your children will treasure!
      Price: $12
    • Little Flowers Wreath 1&2 cassette (LF W 1&2 cass)
      cassette version of the the Wreath 1&2 recording
      Price: $5
    • Little Flowers Wreath 3 Virtues and Verses (LF W3 CD)
      This CD audio recording covers the virtues and verses contained in the Little Flowers Wreath 3 Manual, in the same manner as the Wreath 1&2 CD. What's really special about this recording, are the Eucharistic and Marian Songs that are included. You will hear some original Laura Boronski songs as well as some age old hymns sung by fine young voices.
      Price: $12
    • Little Flowers Wreath 3 cassette (LF W3 Cass)
      Cassette version of the LF Wreath 3 audio recording
      Price: $5
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