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    • SRODOWISKO 2017
      Srodowisko Summer 2017
      Price: $250.
    • Learn Spanish with Grace Second Edition (left overs)
      These are left overs of our second edition!  Great for co-ops to be purchased in bulk!  Limited quantities!  Includes 3 CD's...shipping is included! 
      Price: $7
  • Truth to Inspire Series

    The Truth to Inspire Series seeks to bring to life stories of the saints in audiobook format.  These narrated stories with voices and sound effects bring to life the books of Mary Fabyan Windeatt.  Learn how these normal people struggled, and sought God's will in their choices.  Inspiring!

    • Complete Set of (1)
      Order the complete set of all thirteen audiobooks in our "Truth to Inspire" Series at a discounted price of $65!  That is 50% off the retail price!
      Price: $65
    • St. Teresa of Avila (TTI 11)
      Here is the story of St. Teresa, doctor of the Churc. You will come to know this energetic, practical woman, who reformed the Carmelite order 

      Price: $10
    • The Brown Scapular (TTI 13)
      Here is the story of St. Simon Stock and his relationship with our Lady.  His devotion to Our Lord and Our Lady through the years will astound you!
      Price: $10
    • Miraculous Medal (TTI 10)
      This story of St. Catherine Laboure and her visions of Our Lady will help all to understand how the Miraculous Medal devotion came to be. 
      Price: $10
    • Our Lady of Guadalupe (TTI 9)
      This stirring story of Juan Diego and the Virgin of Guadalupe will bring all to an understanding of the mercy of God through the hand of His loving Mother.  Mary has arrived in the new world to draw Native Americans away from idol worship and to the one true God.  She continues to guide us now!  

      Price: $10
    • Our Lady of Fatima (TOF)
      The story of the visions of 3 shepherd children:  Lucia, Bl. Francisco and Bl. Jacinta
      Price: $10
    • St. Francis of Assisi (TFA)
      Dared to be different, and followed Jesus in poverty
      Price: $10
    • Kateri of the Mohawks (TTI1)
      Enter the life of our new St. Kateri on the banks of the Mohawk River.  A wonderful audiobook.
      Price: $10
    • St. Bernadette of Lourdes (TTI2)
      An audiobook of Mary Fabyan Windeatt's book Our Lady of Lourdes.
      Price: $10
    • Dominic Savio (TTI3)
      The School Boy Saint
      Price: $10.00
    • St. Anthony of Padua (TTI4)
      The Story of St. Anthony of Padua, by that great storyteller:  Mary Fabyan Windeatt.
      Price: $10.00
    • St. Frances Cabrini (TCab)
      A small woman who made a huge impact on Catholic Life in America
      Price: $10
    • St. Maria Goretti (TMG)
      Inspiration of Purity
      Price: $10
    • St Philomena (TTI 12)
      There are two stories presented here.  The first is of the ancient greek princess Philomena who died a virgin martyr.  The second is that of Pauline Jaricot who hoped to spread devotion to Philomena.
      Price: $10
  • Rosary Musicals
    The Rosary Musical has been a project close to the heart of Quiet Waters for the past 20 years.  Now available in DVD video format to enhance your families' prayerful experience of the Rosary.
    The CDs are still available individually, or bundled.
    • Rosary Musicals on DVD (RM DVD set of 4)
      Purchase all 4 Rosary Music Videos on DVD: JOY, LIGHT, SORROW and GLORY will draw your family into the mysteries of the Rosary, like no other tool!
      Each DVD has special features including the Documentary:  The Mystery of the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, the Making of the Rosary Musical DVDs and Why the Rosary Musical.
      Special options to pray the Rosary on each DVD include praying with the family, meditations by Fr. Pablo Straub, and Holy Land sites of the Mysteries.
      4 DVD Videos. Total running time approximately 185 min.
      **$10 off the retail price ~ now only $25!**
      Price: $25
    • JOY the Rosary Musical CD (RM J CD)
      Join the Jeff Boronski Family in the recitation of the Joyful mysteries of the Rosary. Our original songs from the musicals include: The Annunciation, The Visitation, The Nativity, The Presentation and the the Finding of Jesus in the Temple. This CD includes the extra track: The Memorare, by Laura Boronski. audio CD with 16 pp illustrated booklet
      Price: $12
    • LIGHT the Rosary Musical CD **50% off** (RM L CD)
      Join the Phil Tremblay family during the recitation of the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. Original songs bring alive the mysteries which include: The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River, The Miracle at the Wedding Feast in Cana, The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God, The Transfiguration and the Institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper
      Price: $6
    • SORROW the Rosary Musical CD (RM S CD)
      Join the Bob Fera family in praying the Sorrowful mysteries. Included are the audio versions of our live meditations including: The Agony in the Garden, The Scourging at the Pillar, The Crowning with Thorns, The Carrying of the Cross and the Crucifixion. Audio CD with 16 pp illustrated booklet.

      SPECIAL:  1/2 off the retail price!  Now only $6.00!!
      Price: $12
    • GLORY the Rosary Musical CD (RM G CD)
      The Rich Lata Family leads us in the Rosary during which the Ressurection, Ascension, Descent of the Holy Spirit, Assumption and Coronation, come alive. audio CD in illustrated 5.5" by 5.5", 16 page booklet
      Price: $12
    • Rosary Musicals Audio set of 4 (RM set of 4)
      Purchase all 4 of the above Rosary Musicals as a set!
      Price: $30
    • Family Rosary all 4 Sets of Mysteries (Fam Ros)
      Join four of our QWP families in the recitation of the Rosary! Behind this spoken Rosary, are the instrumental only versions of our Rosary Musical songs. Heard each evening on Holy Family Communications Radio Stations. audio CD. 65 minutes.
      Price: $12
    • Roses for Mary all 20 Songs from the Musicals (RM RfM 20)
      This audio recording pulls all 20 songs from the Rosary Musical and plays them in sequence from the Joyful through the Glorious mysteries. A delight to play in the car, a mini Catechism of the Rosary! audio CD 74 Min.
      Price: $12
  • Educational Resources
    Here you will find resources to help your family grow in the Catholic Faith.
    • An Alphabet of Catholic Saints (1)
      This full color book is a charming introduction to a variety of saints. Utilizing the wonderful artwork of Brenda and the graphic talent of George, the Nipperts have put together a wonderful assortment of saints' stories, using a rhyme scheme that is simple and attractive to young readers. Great as a read-a-loud at bedtime! 64 pp 8.5" x 8.5" softcover.  

      Price: $12
    • Empire State Catholics (300)
      Empire State Catholics is a first quality full color hard cover history book about Catholics in New York State. How wonderful to learn about the Catholics that lived where we live, who risked all they had, to bring Jesus to others in the Empire State. Follow the lives of people like St. Frances Cabrini, Father Baker, Bishop Fulton Sheen and Dorothy Day, and learn how their faith, and living out God's will has formed the History of NYS. We will be able to trace the roots of some of the beautiful buildings and movements that form the core of the way Catholocism is lived here at home. A fabulous reference book, and fun to read with the family! Every NYS Catholic Home should have one! $27
      Price: $27
  • Little Flowers Girls' Club
    We have deluxe lined sashes and music for the Little Flowers Girls' Club available here.
    • Little Flowers Deluxe sash (LF DS)
      This fully lined, hand made sash will be worn proudly by any Little Flower, as she strives to achieve the virtues laid out in the Little Flowers Manuals. It is a great place to display what she has accomplished! Solid blue sash lined with blue and white floral calico. Machine washable
      Price: $12
    • Wreath 1&2 Virtues and Verses CD (LF W1&2 CD)
      This CD audio recording sets all the Scripture Verses for the Little Flowers Wreaths 1 and 2 to fun tunes. This allows listeners of all ages to quickly memorize the scripture verses. Tied in with each verse, is a virtue and a saint that exemplifies each virtue. A recording your children will treasure!
      Price: $12
    • Little Flowers Wreath 1&2 cassette (LF W 1&2 cass)
      cassette version of the the Wreath 1&2 recording
      Price: $5
    • Little Flowers Wreath 3 Virtues and Verses (LF W3 CD)
      This CD audio recording covers the virtues and verses contained in the Little Flowers Wreath 3 Manual, in the same manner as the Wreath 1&2 CD. What's really special about this recording, are the Eucharistic and Marian Songs that are included. You will hear some original Laura Boronski songs as well as some age old hymns sung by fine young voices.
      Price: $12
    • Little Flowers Wreath 3 cassette (LF W3 Cass)
      Cassette version of the LF Wreath 3 audio recording
      Price: $5
  • Music
    • Sacred Chant (SCC)
      Fantastic new Sacred Chant CD with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, more commonly known as the CFRs. Common and not so common, but all beautifully recorded chant, with a 16 page booklet with Latin text and English transliteration, makes the chant available to all listeners. This introduction to sacred chant makes this awesome traditional music accessible to all. Part of the proceeds to help the CFRs work with the poor in the US and their missions, including Honduras.
      Price: $16
    • Jacob's Well CD (BF JW CD)
      Bob Fera's new album "Jacob's Well" is a great sign of God's Mercy. This album allows the listener to hear a bit more of Bob's rock-n-roll roots, while getting a feel for his true devotion to Our Lord. Bob's own life story rolls through the lyrics, as he shares the story of God's Mercy in his own life. From "Open My Heart" to "You Took it All", you can trace God's own Love and Mercy through this album. This album should be a part of every Christians music library!
      Price: $15.00
    • Who? CD by Laura Boronski (LB Who? CD)
      Laura Boronski has put together a pro-family album full of original songs that glorify God, and nourish the souls of all who listen. Songs include: Dear Lord, Thank You, Who?, O Maria, Because I love you , A Mother Needs to Cry Sometimes, And It Was Love, Papa Be with Me, Show Me the Way, The Heavens ae Crying, Rock-a-Bye, Sweet Jesus , and Serenity.
      Price: $15
    • Stations of the Cross CD by Laura Boronski (LB Stations)
      Laura Boronski presents a beautiful 14 minute meditation on the 14 Stations of the Cross. Throughout this one beautiful song, we walk with Our Lord during His passion, and we get an opportunity to reflect on its meaning in our life today. Really beautiful! audio CD in 32 pp illustrated booklet

      SPECIAL:  1/2 off the retail price!  Only $6.00!!
      Price: $12
    • QWP Devotional Hour CD (QWP DH)
      This Hour of music and prayer was designed for the radio devotion hour on the Holy Family Communications stations. This CD contains Laura Boronski's "Stations of the Cross" and the "Divine Mercy Chaplet" as well as other meditational songs from other QWP recordings. A must have! Audio CD 58 Min.
      Price: $15
    • Divine Mercy Chaplet CD (DMChaplet CD)
      This beautiful prayer sung by Brandon Lata and Marie Batt will enhance your Divine Mercy Meditations. Track 1 has vocals, track 2 is the same but without vocals. Audio CD 40min.
      Price: $12
    • Blanket of Stars
      Father Bill Quinlivan creates a great Christmas album here at Quiet Waters.
      Price: $15
    • Paintbrush on the Green
      Father Bill Quinlivan's first album packed with Irish tunes and creative music all the family will enjoy.
      Price: $15
  • Learn Spanish with Grace!
    • Learn Spanish with Grace! Text book with 3 CDs (LSWG T 3CD)
      A complete beginner's Spanish course a child will always remember! In this delightfully, unique, full-color textbook with 3 instructional CDs, and 10 cardstock pull out booklets, the student will learn Spanish via the typical daily routine of a child, Grace. This brand new third edition has an expanded Table of Contents and is even more affordable! Now only $40!
      Price: $40
    • Learn Spanish with Grace! Workbook
      Finally! A workbook edition of the very popular LSWG! text book! This has been the most requested product we have ever printed! This, more affordable workbook edition allows large families, and classrooms that have invested in the Text book with 3 CDs an edition for extra students who do not need the CDs or cardstock pages that come in the Text book edition. All pages correspond exactly to the original LSWG Textbook with 3CDs. Third edition, 192 pages, full color
      Price: $25.00
    • Learn Spanish with Grace! Flash Card Series (LSWG FC)
      160 Full Color Flash Cards These Flash cards reinforce the vocabulary and grammar from the text. Play 16 games the author has developed using the 8 poster/game boards included. These activities will keep all young Spanish students learning, and growing in use of their new language!
      Price: $30.00
    • Learn Spanish with Grace! Music Book (LSWG MB )
      Full color, spiral bound for use on music stands, and simple notation with chords of all the LSWG songs. Contains all the songs from the textbook on CD! This is a great supplement for music students, traveling in the car, and for younger aged children to handle while learning the music.
      Price: $15.00
    • Learn Spanish with Grace! Tote Bag (LSWG tote)
      Sturdy canvas bag holds your LSWG text and all the supplements.
      Price: $6
    • Learn Spanish with Grace! Complete Package Deal (LSWG deal)
      Now get the Learn Spanish with Grace text, plus all three supplements at a savings
      Package Includes: ~ Text book with 3 CDs and cardstock pages, Third edition  ~ Music Book with Music CD ~ Flash Card Series with posters ~ Tote Bag Entire Package just $60!
      Price: $60.00
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