Why?  Why do we March?  Why do I March?  It certainly isn't for the comfort, nor the glamor... none of those things are part of the March for Life, a pro-life demonstration in Washington DC in January each year, near the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court Decision making abortion legal in America.

My reasons may not be the same as others in the pro-life movement, but as I reflect on the past 15 years of my participation, I can tell you some of the reasons it has been fruitful in my life.

First, I realized this year, that I have marched with every one of my 7 children, at one time or another, and no, we have never actually gone as "a family."  Sometimes we bussed together on Diocesan busses, and often I met them there as they travelled with their high school or college.  But as I look at my adult children's choices to live an abundant life that includes family and openness to children, I realize that they ARE living the culture of life. I am humbled and proud.  This is the first fruit of Marching, and I see it in my own family.

Second, each year I have been privileged to participate in Holy Mass before we Marched. At the Verizon Center, the DC Armory or in a hotel room of the Washington Plaza, the result is always the same:  Those with whom I march and I, fill the streets once we feast on the body of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and it is He who marches with us into the battle against the culture of Death.

Third, though I do not have strong political views in general, the pro-life political battle is the only one I have ever publicly demonstrated about; it is the only issue that is likely to sway my vote on election day, and it is the most important civil rights issue that continues being debated in America in 2017.  I March to give voice to the voiceless unborn children of America.  This year, for the first time in my memory, there was palpable reason to hope that the laws of this land may begin to give rights to the unborn.  

I will continue to March as long as God calls me to, for the battle is the Lord's and even if the laws change, the Culture of Life in America needs a lot of prayer,compassion and just hard work.
These are the reasons I march; to give legs to the Culture of Life.
May God Bless America, born and unborn.


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